Custom-made t-shirts

Custom designed t-shirts

T-shirts are part of our life. They express our feelings, they make a perfect gift for a friend, they are often a symbol of your corporate identity helping your customers to remember your brand.  T-shirts must be comfortable to wear (nice and cozy), pleasant to the touch (thick cotton) and visually engaging (cool design). Bomba studio designs and screenprinted custom-made t-shirts for businesses, artists, bands, professionals and just about anyone with a good idea. Check latest t-shirt designs at our online store.

Organic Cotton

Bomba t-shirts are printed on 220gsm fair-trade organic cotton.  They feel great to the touch and pleasant to wear.  We use non-toxic inks, which makes our products safe for the environment and safe for you to wear.

Gift T-Shirts

Our custom printed t-shirts, baby clothes and underwear make excellent gifts for newborns, infants, toddlers and kids.  Need gift ideas for your friend's 20th... 30th... 40th... 60th.... birthday?  How about a custom printed t-shirt!  Check our selection of baby/kids clothing designs  that your baby (or your friend's baby and his / her parents) will adore. And if you are in Cyprus, you can enjoy wearing our organic cotton t-shirts at least 300 days a year!

Give-away business promotions

Giving a well designed t-shirt with your company logo is one of the best ways to promote business.  People will love to wear your gift, proudly displaying your logo in their own social environments. Is there a better way to reach your target markets? 

Custom printed uniforms

Custom printed uniform clothing is a good way to make your business stand out.  T-shirts, aprons, hats,  pants, skirts - any clothing can cary your logo and some custom design that make your business different. Check what we designed and printed for Kala Kathoumena Kafennion in Nicosia, Cyprus.  Also, see the t-shirt printed for the Oktana Kafe, Lefkosia, Cyprus (one of the images above).

T-shirts for artists

Artists often sell t-shirts at concerts and other performances.  Its the way to raise money and to give something memorable to your fans.  As years go by, such t-shirts often become collector items. Bomba Studio can design and print t-shirts for musicians. See

Cooperation with artists and ... Marketing / promotion professionals

Bomba studio supports local artists and is happy to cooperate in screen printing of any kind for your clients.  We can print your design.

If you are a marketing and promotion company looking for fresh ideas to promote your or your client's business, consider printing environmentally conscious, good quality organic cotton t-shirts.  People love it!  Get in touch with us for details.