About us

BÔ-MBA, noun,

From the Cypriot dialect Πόμπα meaning something excellent.

We are a creative team producing screenprinted design objects, illustrated and image based books, cutting-edge photography and graphic design.

Bomba was formed in 2007 and is the brand name of a partnership between Aris Kyriakides and Chara Adamidou. Our aim is to produce original and innovative design for use in everyday life, fashionable and quirky products at affordable prices with minimum effect on the environment.

Starting out as a publishing company for image-based books, Bomba soon expanded into the design and screenprinting of various products including clothes, fashion accessories, homeware, cards and art prints. You will find our products, as well as other innovative gifts by our selected associates mainly from Cyprus, UK and Japan, online and in our shop located in old town Lefkosia. 

Aris KyriakidesAris - Chara Profile image

(BSC Psychology, UCL and MA Film; Photography, London Film School and Diploma in Screenprinting, LCC)

Aris Kyriakides has worked on a wide range of projects from award winning short films to art books. Part of the Bomba team, he is involved in the conceptual part as well as the creative part of our projects. He aspires to sailing around the world on a silver turtle.

Chara Adamidou

(BA in Illustration and Animation, Kingston University and Diploma in Screenprinting, LCC)

Chara Adamidou works in the fields of Illustration, Graphic Design and book publishing for Bomba. She dreams of spring afternoons with tea and cakes and friends…